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by Can-Victor Sahin

An entrepreneur is someone who founds his own business. This is the first thing that comes to most people’s minds when they hear the word „entrepreneur“. But is it really only about a business or is there more behind it?

An entrepreneur at work.

An entrepreneur at work.

The Task of an Entrepreneur

It always starts with a need. A problem needs to be solved or something would be nice to have. Here the entrepreneur comes into play. For him, the first and most important step is to identify what exactly the need is. It’s critical to really understand it – like a complex maths problem. Only with even more variables and instead of a teacher there is a market that grades your solution.

So if entrepreneurship in its essence is finding solutions to problems, what does this tell us about entrepreneurs? First of all, it shows us that these are people who are not only focused on the pure fact that something is causing troubles, but rather on the possibility that this something can be improved. Changing instead of complaining. Moreover, these are people who are able to observe, to listen and to understand. People who keep their eyes open.


Are You an Entrepreneur?

Recognizing needs is certainly the most important skill an entrepreneur can develop. It makes up the whole basis for the idea behind entrepreneurship. Not only in the beginning of the adventure but also later on, when the initial problem is solved and new ones arise, one after another. It becomes a chain reaction. The more needs you have fulfilled, the more new ones you are able to identify. It is a skill you can train, a mindset you can shift towards.

You can easily tell if someone makes a good entrepreneur or not. Just listen to him. Do you hear him only moaning when something goes wrong? When one of his friends laments over something that doesn’t work out as it should, is he just joining the wailing? Well, in these cases you should be very careful about bringing this person into a startup.


Or, on the other side, is he seeing the initial issue as a challenge, as something that will be exciting to work on, and will he have a solution for his friend’s problem as the next birthday present? If so, you can be damn sure that this guy’s entrepreneurial time will be a successful one. Better start investing in his projects right now!


A Way to Deal With Life

Entrepreneurship is more than just a business. It’s a way to deal with life. To deal with everyday problems and also bigger ones. It’s a way to interact with other people. To find out what these people really want and how to help them achieving it. Moreover, it’s something that can be learned. A skill that can be trained. Everyone can become a great entrepreneur. Everyone can change his mindset if he really wants to. It’s about shifting thoughts to the right direction. A solution oriented way of thinking and the desire to improve people’s lives.

There are the ones who complain about a problem and there are the ones who solve the problem. You decide on which side you want to be.




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